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About us:

At Israel Crypto Community, we aim to bring you the best content engagement in Israel. Whether you’ll be joining our monthly informal events, our hackathons, or one of our two major events in Tel Aviv — we guarantee you will hear interesting, innovative content and network with the most relevant people in the Crypto Community. ICC is run by Ariel Shapira, Shauli Rejwan, and Tomer Weiss.


Shauli Rejwan

Early-stage VC investor and a serial entrepreneur, an active member of the local and global crypto community. In 2019  Shauli co-founded  D&DD and TLVBW international crypto events with Tomer Wiess. In 2022 Shauli Co-founded the Israeli Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 companies forum where he serves as Executive Director  

Ariel Shapira

Is the founder of Social Wisdom — a consulting agency focused on creating the optimal platform for networking and professional content. Social Wisdom has held more than 150 events worldwide in the last eight years. Ariel writes for Jerusalem Post, Entrepreneur, Beincrypto, Cointelegraph and other publications.


Tomer Weiss

Is a serial entrepreneur, Web 3.0 Product Manager of a lending product, a leader of top crypto community events since 2017, the organizer of over 50 online hackathons and the co-founder of D&DD and TLVBW international crypto events with Shauli Rejwan.

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