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Web 3.0 for developers

לוגו של חברת ICC

September 22nd, 2022


We are happy to announce Web 3.0 for developers 

After the sold-out conferences in December 2021and May 2022, For the first time in Israel developers with or without web 3.0 knowledge

can meet for a full day in TLV and learn from the best Web 3.0 companies from Israel and abroad.

On September 22nd ICC – Israel Crypto Community will host Web 3.0 for developers conference from 11:00 – 21:00 at ZOA TLV Daniel Frish 1.

There will be a full day of panel and case studies of top notch technologies, for all levels and experiences. The Developer Conference is meant to teach and train developers in skills and information relating to Web 3.0. We want to grow and develop the developers in our community for the future of the internet.

Web 3.0, which is based on blockchain technology, is the decentralized internet of the future. There will be no command and control from a central location.

The internet will be governed by AI and machine learning algorithms. Web 3.0 will be powered by smart contracts, which will be a semantic web managed by machines with no central authority.

Smart contracts are how you can actually program the blockchain. They are code deployed to the chain, written in some language that blockchain nodes can execute.

We are happy to announce Web 3.0 for developers!

Web 3.0 for Developers Conference September 22nd 2022

We will cover:

• What are the skills required to work as a Web 3.0 developer.

• Languages for Blockchain Development

• Understanding Cryptocurrency Wallets

• Learn how to decipher financial transactions.

• Your Roadmap To Becoming A Web 3.0 Developer

Who should come to Web 3.0 for developers:

• Blockchain and crypto developers and builders

• Fintech developers

• Non-Blockchain Developers who wish to leap to Web 3.0

• Crypto tech companies who are looking for developers or builders.

Join us September 22nd with 250 plus attendees to the

Conference that will take you to the future of your career.Don't forget to bring your laptops


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